Winter Issue 2018 – Simplicity and Essence

Our Winter Issue – Our January 2018 issue is on simplicity, the essential part of our nature–essence. What steps can we take to return to it, from a Fourth Way perspective? Life requires many masks, but who are we, truly? Show me your original face, before your father or mother were born. – Zen master […]

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Richard II King

Apollo Arts Video Link – A Transformation Story

The Transformation of Richard II – A story of transformation and presence in the face of an unacceptable fate. Apollo Theater presents an understanding of Richard II as a story of transformation of suffering. Meanwhile, the divine station between heaven and earth is emblazoned on Richard’s shield. Finally, unseated by a rival claimant to the […]

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Transformation & Change of Being

How can we use suffering and what is transformation of suffering? Stir up the fire and put the heart on the coals. ~ Mayan Texts As many teachings suggest, suffering is inevitable in human life. The Fourth Way teacher, Maurice Nicoll, once wrote, “Life is a pain factory.” Fourth Way writers speak of various forms of […]

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Firebird or Phoenix

The Phoenix – Transformation by Fire

The Phoenix The Phoenix story has roots going back to earliest recorded history, in ancient Egypt and Arabia, then in ancient Greece and the centuries-old fairy tale of the Brothers Grimm. Legends from many countries include the Persian Simurgh, Chinese Feng Huang, and Russian firebird (Zharptitsa). The Chinese firebird Feng Huang dates back at least 7,000 […]

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Holy Fire – the Christian Tradition

The Christian tradition speaks of fire as a purification process. Other ancient traditions also speak of the heart on fire, with purification as a necessary step. In Dante’s Divine Comedy, fire and suffering are seen as a means of both purification and transformation. An angels speaks, in canto 27 of the Purgatorio: Holy souls, you […]

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The Simurgh & The Firebird – Magical Birds of God

Legends of the Firebird The Firebird is a magical bird in legends from Russia, Armenia, and the Brothers Grimm fairy tale, The Golden Bird. The mystical bird is often the object of a difficult quest. Some tales describe how, when it flies, its eyes sparkle and pearls fall from its beak. In the Russian tale, […]

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