Simplicity - bread and jam

Bread-making: The Soul of Craft

Bread and the Essence of Craftmanship – How does a master craftsman use bread-making for presence? Amidst these days of mass marketing and food production, one man here makes bread by hand for his community. Craftsmanship requires attention in the moment for a finished product to be both useful and beautiful. Presence to detail creates […]

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Firefly Lake

Little Firefly – American Indian tale

Little Firefly – To tell the story of Little Firefly, you must know that once upon a time, on the shores of a great lake, lived a hunter, a widower with three daughters. Every day when he went into the forest, the hunter would leave his daughters with instructions to clean the wigwam, repair his […]

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On Simplicity – Quotations

– Quotations on the necessity of inner simplicity, from writers, mystics, and artists. Leonardo da Vinci: Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Michel de Montaigne: Others study how to elevate their minds and hoist them up tight; I, how to humble mine and lay it to rest. Goethe: This is the most difficult thing of all, though it […]

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Rilke on Death – from his Letters

 Rilke’s poetry and letters dwell substantially on death and the transformation of suffering, as in these excerpts from his letters. From the Letters of Rilke We simply do not know what can be destroyed in a heart through suffering, or what suffering might achieve there. As a poet, one should not even take distress for a lover […]

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