Yuba River, California - image by Sharon Gordon

Photography of Simple Moments

So just what makes an outstanding moment of photography? -Image courtesy of Sharon Gordon See some moments here: https://vimeo.com/202335588/ac0bce355f A photographer’s eye mirrors the space she inhabits. We present the work of Sharon Gordon in this recent video. A professional photographer, Sharon travels the world and captures these simple moments. For more of Sharon’s work, see […]

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Simplicity - bread and jam

Bread-making: The Soul of Craft

Bread and the Essence of Craftmanship – How does a master craftsman use bread-making for presence? Amidst these days of mass marketing and food production, one man here makes bread by hand for his community. Craftsmanship requires attention in the moment for a finished product to be both useful and beautiful. Presence to detail creates […]

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On Simplicity – Quotations

– Quotations on the necessity of inner simplicity, from writers, mystics, and artists. Leonardo da Vinci: Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Michel de Montaigne: Others study how to elevate their minds and hoist them up tight; I, how to humble mine and lay it to rest. Goethe: This is the most difficult thing of all, though it […]

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