Essence simplicity

The Uncarved Block

What is Simplicity? The ancient masters were subtle, mysterious, profound, responsive. The depth of their knowledge is unfathomable. Because it is unfathomable, All we can do is describe their appearance. Watchful, like men crossing a winter stream. Alert, like men aware of danger. Courteous, like visiting guests. Yielding like ice about to melt. Simple, like […]

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Cascade fire

The Cascade Fire

There was a wildfire recently where I live. In aftermath of the high velocity winds, over a hundred homes were destroyed. The California fire service called it the “Cascade Fire.” I finally drove through the burnt area a couple of weeks later. The top layer of the soil was black, the tree leaves burnt from […]

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A Right Basis for Observing Oneself With self-observation, as in everything, the beginning is important and needs to be on the right basis. One has to be very careful what one calls “I”. Basically, practically everything we can observe is actually not “I”. Of course, there is a real “I” in each person, but it […]

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Food for the moon?

“If one studies and observes and works for long enough, gathering material, might one eventually verify what Gurdjieff said about humanity being food for the moon, but in the meantime, use that theory as an incentive for self-remembering?” The Gurdjieff system is like a toolbox with many tools. We use the ones we know how […]

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Using Energy and Impressions for Self-Remembering

“What can we do to increase the reserve of energy needed for self-remembering and how do we use impressions?” First Conscious Shock – Being Present to Incoming Impressions Self-remembering needs emotional energy, hydrogen 12. According to Ouspensky, the first conscious shock involves bringing this energy of the emotional center to the point of incoming impressions. […]

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Being Present to One’s Sleep

“I have an aim to be present when opening doors. I’ve just opened a door and walked through the doorway. Was it presence when my hand was on the door handle? If I wasn’t or I’m not sure, then who or what is it that opens a door and walks through?” An experienced Fourth Way […]

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